August 2020

New Features

Bevy Virtual Conferences

In case you haven't heard, Bevy has a full fledged virtual conference tool that we want you all to leverage. If you're interested in learning more, send us a note at This includes Stage, Networking, Booths, and Sessions.

Branding your Bevy Virtual Experience

We're now offering custom styling on your Bevy Virtual instance. We've added your logo and branded colors to you Bevy Virtual UI. Get started with Bevy Virtual by reaching out to 

Direct Messages

Now, direct messages are available in all of Bevy Virtual, both local and conference events. One to one message your friends and connect with other attendees. Learn more here

Networking Tables

Now, you can create Networking tables that allow up to 9 people to join on audio/video and connect with eachother. Read more about Networking. Create open rooms for attendees in Bevy Virtual Conference. Describe different topics you'd like them to discuss. Add a description when building your virtual conference agenda.

Moderation Tools

We've added functionality to delete messages, report messages, ban an attendee, block chat, and more. Read more about moderation.

Breakout Rooms

Move your attendees into individual breakout rooms where they can talk and connect. Read more about breakout rooms

Profile Avatars in chat and video grid


Hide past segments in Bevy Virtual Conference agenda

Now in Bevy Conferences, we bubble up what's happening now to the top of the agenda. We hide the past segments behind a button so they are out of your view but there if you want to look back.

Horizontal layout on the stage and sessions view when screen sharing

We're ensuring that multiple speakers are seen on stage even when someone is screen sharing. We've adopted a horizontal layout view to ensure you can see who's talking and the screen being shared.

Improved 3 person grid view in Bevy Virtual

We used to show 3 people in one horizontal row. But, your feedback said that was too slim and vertical. So, we've adjusted it to be stacked. 2 rows with 2 cards on top and 1 card on the bottom. Keep the feedback coming!

Issues with attendee list count in Safari

In safari, the list of attendees didn't always reflect the number of people that are there. Resolved!

Redirect an anonymous user to the login page when trying to access a Bevy Virtual event

Some users were visiting event pages while logged out but not realizing they jsut needed to sign in in order to join the event. So we've added a redirect to help get them to the right place.

Agenda times 

Agenda times in Bevy Virtual Conference are now displayed in your own time zone.

Screen sharing display

Sometimes, the presenter was showing as talking even though someone else was contributing to the conversation in Bevy Virtual. We tweaked this to make that problem go away.

Sponsors and Partners to Booths

Include both partners and sponsors in Booths agenda creation for Bevy Virtual Conferences.

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