July 2020

New Features

Create chapters via API

Many of you have asked and it's now here! Create chapters for your community via API. Find our latest documentation at docs.bevy.com.

Sync canceled events via Salesforce integration

Canceled events used to not sync to Salesforce. Now, we've added a status so that you can track events that may have been published but then canceled by organizers. These will sync automatically if you have the Salesforce integration configured.

Per Event Time Zones

We listened to your feedback and built per-event time zones. You can now specify the time zone in the event in the Schedule step of event creation and the same time zone will be displayed on the event page. We've also added the corresponding time zone to a variety of places in the dashboard where times display. That way, you always know which time zone we're referring to.

Bevy Virtual Features


Virtual events are now able to be recorded in Bevy Virtual. As a host, click the record button to start/stop recording. Find the recording .mp4 file in the wrap up tab after your event ends. Read more about recording.

Attendee & Presenter Capacity

We now support hundreds of attendees & up to 20 attendees in present mode. Simply create a virtual event using Bevy Virtual to get started.


Chat functionality now supports @ mentions, emojis, and moderation tools to delete messages, block, and remove users. It also leaves your scroll in place to denote unread messages.

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