June 2020

New features 

Auto check-in virtual event attendees

When hosting virtual events in Bevy using the Zoom integration or the External URL, attendee check in will be automatic. It takes place starting 15 minutes prior to the event start time through the event end time. For example, if your event starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:00pm, automatic check in will happen between 5:45pm - 7:00pm. Any attendees who join using the Bevy Permalink during this window will be checked in automatically. No additional work is required to check in attendees. Learn more about checking in attendees.

Remove ticket screenshot from ticket confirmation email in automated email builder

Bevy Dictionary 

This month we published a Bevy Dictionary to explain some of our commonly used terminology. Do you have ideas for terms we should define? Send us a note at help@bevy.com.

SEO keywords for your homepage

Some of you may already know, but we can support applying a set of keywords to your Bevy homepage. Send a comma separated list of keywords to help@bevy.com and we'll get it set for you.

Bevy Virtual Features

Specify audio and video devices

No more strict browser defaults. Bevy Virtual now supports you specifying your camera and microphone.

Video grid views to support large # of attendees on A/V

We've added nice grid views to ensure large numbers of attendees on audio/video display on the screen. We've opted to show around 20 depending on screen size. We don't recommend showing more because they will likely be too small to view. In the future, we're hoping to support multiple pages.

Moderation tools:

  1. Permanently ban attendees
  2. Mute and block chat participants
  3. Mute all attendees
  4. Require registration in order to join Bevy Virtual event
  5. Prevent multitab joins
  6. Self demotion when not presenting

Support for paid ticketing

Selling tickets for your virtual event? Bevy has you covered. Registrants order tickets and check out just like in-person events. Set the ticket price in event creation. If you'd like to enable payments on your side, send us a note at help@bevy.com.

Participant list filtering 

The attendee list displays you, then Hosts, then presenters, then attendees in first name alphabetical order. Before, it was random. Now, voila! 


Blog posts stacking on Safari

We noticed that blog posts were stacking unevenly on Safari, so we fixed it!

Post event survey to unrsvp'ed attendees

Attendees who unrsvp'ed before the event were in some cases emailed the post event survey when they shouldn't have. Don't worry, none of them were able to fill it out, but we've updated Bevy to ensure they don't receive the email in the future.

Bevy Virtual Fixes

  1. Increase thumbnail size of speaker screensharing
  2. Fix screen sharing transitions
  3. Video toggle states reflect current mute/video states
  4. End session for all vs. leave event

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