May 2020

New Features

Bevy Virtual

We've introduced our own end to end built in video solution. Create a virtual event in seconds from within Bevy generating a virtual experience for all attendees right in your browser. Automatically check in attendees, track engagement, and enable organizers to run virtual events on your behalf. Private beta sign up is available here now and rolling out over the next few weeks.

Learn more about Virtual Events on Bevy.

Native Zoom Integration

We’ve released a native Zoom integration inside Bevy. This enables anyone using Zoom to 1-click generate a Zoom URL in Bevy to publish an event, automatically sync the Zoom participant list with the Bevy registration list, and require registration in order to attend. This includes auto-check in for anyone that joins the meeting. Each chapter will connect their own Zoom account. While you do not have to have Zoom Pro, it is recommended so you can avoid the time and participant constraints.

To get started, enable the Zoom integration for your community. Then, have a single organizer per chapter connect their Zoom account. Once you've set both of these up, create an event with Zoom.

For more, visit Zoom Frequently Asked Questions.

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