April 2020

New Features

Every month, we publish this list. So you can see the latest and greatest from the Bevy team. Feedback, questions, comments are always welcome at help@bevyhq.com.

SAML Single Sign On support

We now support Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), a standard for logging users into applications, for communities that leverage single sign on.

New User Webhook

We now trigger a webhook whenever a new user signs up on your community site. It can be configured to include custom data that you're collecting upon sign up.

Virtual Event URL in Calendar invite

When adding the event to your calendar (Bevy supports iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook), the virtual event URL will be included in the event description.

Require Virtual Event Link to publish an event

We've added an event type setting to require a virtual event link in order to publish and event. This is off by default. 

Added a "Meeting not ready" notice if the Virtual Event link has not been set 

We allow you to publish virtual events before you have your event link set. You can update the link when ready. Until then, we’ll share a simple message for attendees who have registered.

Virtual Event permalink in Event Creation

You are able to see the Virtual Event permalink that will be sent to attendees right from event creation. 

Automated emails include the Virtual Event URL

New event published, ticket confirmation, and your event reminder emails will include the virtual event URL and exclude the ticket PDF attachment.

HQ Audience for Automated Emails

We have added a new HQ audience so that you can create automated emails to notify strictly the HQ team. You might consider creating automated emails for when an event is canceled or rescheduled that way your team is always in the know!

Chapter Team Members Audience for Automated Emails

We have added a new default automated email to welcome new chapter team members when they are added to a chapter. You can customize and enable this email from the admin dashboard.

Support Vidyard videos on chapter and past event pages

We now support Vidyard in addition to Vimeo and Youtube videos to upload to chapter and past event pages.

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