February 2020

New Features

Auto-fill chapter location settings

Previously, every new chapter required a number of location fields including city, state/province, country, latitude, longitude, and time zone. We've simplified this chapter creation and editing process by auto-filling most of these fields. Now, enter one single field for city and state, and we take care of the rest.

Learn more about creating and editing chapters here.

Display time zones on event pages

Previously, every event had a time and date but did not clarify what time zone. Users had to rely on the chapter title that was listed as a city. But, it wasn't always clear. We've added time zones to the event page to clarify this.

Reschedule any dropped emails

Sometimes, emails get dropped because of a bad schedule or because the event was published as hidden. You can now re-queue them up if you have appropriate permissions. Read more about this here.

Check for existing contacts or leads before syncing to Salesforce

We've added logic to help manage duplicates in the Salesforce <> Bevy integration. Reach out to help@bevylabs.com if you'd like to learn more.

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