January 2020

New Features

Revamped User Deletion UI

We've revamped our UI to make it easier to manage requests for deletion. Now, admins can delete users upon request and individual users can delete their accounts right from their profile.

Support for static event URL

Previously, the event URL was based on the event's title. If you changed the event title, the URL would change too. We now generate a permalink for each event. So now, you can append UTMs and count on a shortened link that will always exist even after editing the event title.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.45.15

People & Speakers Webhook

Easily capture a list of key people records that are created. These are records that include general information about a person related to one or more events, such as speakers. We've also added ID's in the event payload so you can see this list for events in the payload.

Sync attendees & users as contacts or leads in Salesforce and associate them with event campaigns

Sync registrations and or users as contacts or leads. You can now associate these contacts or leads with event campaigns. You may configure this right from the admin dashboard. 

Streamlined chapter settings UI

We’ve made the chapter settings page easier to navigate and get the information right, so you can create your chapters and start hosting events on them faster. Learn how to configure chapter settings here.

Recaptcha Support on chapter contact form

Having trouble with spam or need an added layer of verification on the chapter contact us form? Reach out to help@bevylabs.com to enable recaptcha on your chapter contact us form.

Public facing events calendar

Previously, the global community-wide events calendar was only visible to admins. Why should we hide it from the world? Any visitors to your page can now see the events calendar for your entire community. See CMX's Calendar for some inspiration.

Support responding to surveys logged out

We listened to your feedback and have added support for logged out users to still complete the post-event survey. This makes filling out the survey as friction-free as possible while still capturing all the data you need.


Dozens of performance improvements related to adding chapter team members and user search, uploading images, member uploads, csv downloads in Safari, and more.

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