December 2019

New Features

Forms data available via Webhook

Previously, forms data was available via a table in the dashboard along with a csv export. Now, you may send the data via webhook. Enabled in admin dashboard general settings by checking "Send event survey entry updates." Email or reach out to your customer success manager for documentation.

Form field for scrollable text snippet

Add a scrollable text snippet to you pre-order form or post-event surveys to supply large blocks of text with a scroll. Using keyboard shortcuts, you may also format this text.

PartnerStack Integration

Enables using PartnerStack to attribute referrals and ticket purchases to partners and affiliates. Also enables giving the referree a ticket discount based on the PartnerStack link and Bevy event discount codes.

Hide "Let Everybody Know" for hidden events

Previously, hidden events still prompted the user upon registering to share on social. We've disabled this by default so those hidden events stay hidden.

Changed "noon" to 12pm and midnight to 12am on event pages

Noon was displaying for any events at 12pm. We updated this to include the time rather than the word.

Ensure hidden events don't post to

By default, all events posted from a Bevy chapter would sync and publish to Meetup. We've excluded hidden events so that they do not sync to Meetup.

Ticket availability dates are optional

By default, events created have the ticket availability date range open from the moment it's published to when it starts. Previously, these dates had to be set and they would cause problems for uses when their events were rescheduled and the start/end dates didn't fit.


Each month, we ship a number of smaller product enhancements & improvements. Many of which are tiny but important. This month we shipped over 20 fixes and improvements related to: 

  • Improvements to chapter member upload and chapter team saving
  • Marketing promotion banner updated resolution: 1200x520 pixels
  • Show date time selection when scheduling a newsletter
  • Allow sending test newsletters with + in email address
  • and more!

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