November 2019

New Features


Programmatically adds and removes attendees to events in Bevy. Reach out to for updated API documentation

Customize Salesforce campaign types naming conventions

Previously, the campaign type for events and chapters had a hardcoded prefix of Bevy Event and Bevy Group, respectively. We have added settings to allow setting this type and prefix.

Display venue map on event pages

During event creation, when you enter the address of your event venue, you will see a checkbox labeled "Display map of the location on the event page."

Read Add a location map to an event to learn more.

Allow rescheduling hidden dropped emails

Hidden events have automated emails disabled by default. But sometimes, events are published hidden by mistake. Users with the appropriate permissions now have the ability to reschedule automated emails that were dropped due to the event being hidden.

View attendee pre-order form entries in attendee webhook payload

We've updated the attendee webhook payload to include the pre-order form entries. Reach out to to enable this and/or view updated documentation.

Updated event publish modal to ensure auto-announcing on Meetup

We've revamped our event publish modal to clearly explain functionality. We've also fixed an issue where events weren't announcing on

Updated waitlist on event pages

Previously, when the waitlist was enabled, the event page registration heading says "Registration opening soon!" which isn't totally true as registration might not be opening. Rather, people can join the waitlist. We've updated this to "Registration is currently full, join waitlist for updates"

Dashboard memberships & subscriptions

It used to be hard to distinguish between a user's chapter memberships and their subscriptions, especially in cases where there we're multiple memberships in the same city. Bevy was only providing the city name not the chapter title, so we updated it to include the chapter title and make it a just a tiny bit more descriptive. Progress


Each month we ship a number of smaller product enhancements & improvements. Many of which are tiny but important. This month we shipped over 20 fixes and improvements related to: 

  • Auto-syncing Meetup Pro network groups with Bevy Chapters
  • Removing the social sharing section when none are listed. We also resized these icons to fit correctly with each email layout.
  • Hide homepage footer headings if they do not contain any content
  • Fix missing border on form dropdowns & multiple choice selection
  • Truncate Salesforce campaign titles to 80 characters
  • Long email agenda titles were causing issues
  • Ensure external ticketing events can be created as recurring
  • Display characters correctly in attendee list csv export
  • Doubled sponsor logo resolution
  • Support large file imports for chapter member uploads
  • and more!

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