October 2019

New Features

Post Event Team Form

In addition to the pre-order form and post-event attendee survey, we've now released survey functionality for your chapter team (Post Event Team). This survey can be created from the admin dashboard & pulled in as a link in the Event Wrap Up system email. Reach out to help@bevylabs.com for more information.

Updated chapter sponsor management and modals

We've spent some time reworking sponsor management within the admin dashboard. We've added new icons and tool tips to clarify what specific actions do. We've also added helper text to guide you along the way.

Support for pre-fill form data

Prefilling will use the field's last entry to fill the value when the form loads. Each individual field can be set to prefill at both the admin level and local level. Chapter team members can edit local level fields if they aren’t locked, as well as add their own questions with prefilling enabled.

Edit external ticketing button on event pages

The "Get Tickets" button copy can be edited as you wish! Just let us know what you'd like to change it to.

Support for 1080x1080 thumbnail/social share images

Previously, chapter and event thumbnails were 400x400 px. Sometimes, this meant that sharing these event pages resulted in a cut-off and pixelated image, and showed up like this when sharing on social:

We're changing this to be 1080x1080 px so that your event thumbnails look as good as you meant them to. You can now upload higher quality images for the default event thumbnail in event type settings, in this section:

As well as on a per-event basis in the event creation, in this section: 

You can now upload a new default chapter thumbnail as well. This can be done in individual chapter settings.

Updated menu in event list

Based on customer feedback, we've simplified the event list dropdown menu and have added descriptors to each icon for clarity.


Each month we ship a number of smaller product enhancements & improvements. Many of which are tiny but important. This month we focused on improving the published event modal padding and button spacing, correcting pre-order form fields that were missing borders, eliminating occasional Null values in form results, improving profile privacy settings, adding helper text in various places across the dashboard, & more.

No RSVPs/Tickets available

When there are no more RSVPs available or ticket sales have ended in the event table, the title is “RSVP to this event now” where it should be more clear. We adjusted it to read “Sorry, registration is closed” instead.

Events posted from Bevy to Meetup

Occassionaly, events posted from Bevy to the connected Meetup group were linked using the wrong URL. The events were always posting, they just were referenced properly when trying to view the Meetup event from Bevy. We found a missing parameter causing these broken links and resolved it. Much better :). 

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