September 2019

New Features

Registration as Guest

Previously, every ticket purchase or RSVP required the user to sign in to or create an account. Now, on a per event type basis, you can allow guests to register without having to sign in to or create an account. Visit the admin dashboard event type settings to enable.

Text snippet in Forms

Add a section of text in your pre-order or post-event form. Drag this field to above, below, or in between the other fields. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to format the text:

  • ctrl + ` marks code
  • ctrl + i makes italic
  • ctrl + ~ adds strikethrough
  • ctrl + u underlines
  • ctrl + b makes bold
  • ctrl + v makes link

Support for people with event RSVP in Forms

Send your post-event form to attendees who checked in as well as people with event RSVP. Visit the admin dashboard automated email settings to tweak audiences.

Reset passwords screen UI

We cleaned it up. Nothing major. Just trying to get a little bit better every day.

Manage your social sharing icons

We added admin dashboard settings to allow you to customize which social icons display across your site. Previously, this wasn't a very fun and manageable process for you. We heard your feedback and added these settings. Now, tweak and customize as you wish. 

These settings apply to:

Event pages:

Registration confirmation pages:

Ticket confirmation email:

Revamped chapter event list UI

We used to have these buttons scattered across the event list. Now, we've condensed them under a single menu, with clear icons and text. Voilá.

Create groups as campaigns in Salesforce

Leverage our Salesforce integration in order to send chapters/groups in Bevy to Salesforce as campaigns. Configure the Salesforce integration from the admin dashboard settings.


Error when exporting pre-order or post-event form responses

For a few days, users weren't able to export form data as a CSV. All better now!

Double border on forms

We got a little excited and added an extra border to form fields. After the fun was over, we removed it.

Errors when uploading photos to blog posts

Images added to the body of blog posts weren't displaying correctly. Resolved!

Updated event thumbnail sizing for social sharing

Sometimes sharing you event pages on social leads to a stretched event thumbnail image. We made a few changes to help this along.

Changed "PAYMENT" to "Payments"

Adjusted Sponsor & Partner headings

We adjusted the titles of sponsor and partner heads throughout the product to be more consisent. Some said logo. Others said image. We standardized them.

Added character count to chapter team title

We added a character counter for Role Title when adding a chapter team member so you'd know when too many was too many.

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