August 2019

New Features

Bevy Organizer App available on iOS & Android

The organizer app allows chapter team members to manage event attendance. Quickly scan QR codes, swipe to check-in, or manually add attendees within the app. Badge printing is also supported on iOS with a compatible AirPrint enabled printer. 

Use the automated emails in Bevy to send each attendee their unique QR code. Available on iOS or Android.

Event List Attendee List Swipe to Check In Swipe to Print Badges

Global UI for pre-registration form & post-event survey form

Manage your event registration form and or your post-event survey from from the admin dashboard

Results tables for forms within chapter and admin dashboards

View the results from both the admin dashboard and local chapter level

Analytics for total city counts & new cities

Track the number of cities your Bevy community represents when using city group functionality. Available in the chapter section of Admin Analytics

Added tracking support for Segment

Connect Bevy Data with Segment right from admin dashboard settings.

Allow custom webhook header key

Additional profile privacy settings

We've added additional settings to give users more control over their profiles. We've also added admin settings to allow you to tweak what's available across your community.

Social Network Settings

Select the social networks that are available to share on event pages.

Customize "Log in" navbar text on your site

"Login" "Log In" or something else... your choice!

Make homepage header & footer logos & links unique

Set a specific homepage logo and link that is different from what is set in the homepage footer.

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