July 2019

New Features

New published by column in events table

There's a new table in the admin analytics that shows all published events. And now we've added a published by column so you can track who specifically published the event. The table is sortable by column, event type, region, & date. Export via CSV for a nice clean spreadsheet with all your published event data.

Show user email when adding a chapter team member

When adding a user to a chapter team, you can now see their account email address at a glance to ensure you're adding who you think you are.

Separate venue name from venue address in event header

We added a dash to make things just a tad bit clearer :). 

Chapter page video ratio size adjustment

We changed the videos on chapter pages from full width to a small ratio that matches the page layout, not 100% width. 

Sort event agenda chronologically within the dashboard and on event pages

The event agenda is now flexible to changing time ranges and reorders accordingly. This ensures the correct order is displayed on the event page.


Hardened reset password functionality

A security improvement reducing the time password reset links are valid.

Removed link from the homepage map

Clicking the map on homepages will no longer link to another page. If you'd to link to another page, we can include a map overlaying the map.

Matching up prospective users with their created accounts

Uploaded email addresses are stored as prospective user records until they sign into or attempt to create an account. This fix ensures we are matching up those prospective user records with their active accounts.

Loading emails in browser from admin dashboard email search

Searching for specific emails from your admin dashboard email list would not allow previews to load in browser. All better now :).

Non-ASCII characters wouldn't display within the ticket PDF and attendee list PDF export

We've added support for it and returned these lovely characters.

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