June 2019

New Features

Published events viewable in table & exportable via CSV 

There's a new table in the admin analytics that shows all published events. The table is sortable by column, event type, region, & date. Export via CSV for a nice clean spreadsheet with all your published event data.

Remove members from a chapter member list

Add a dashboard link to your internal helpdesk

You may add a help link to the dashboard avatar menu dropdown. Visit your admin dashboard settings to insert the link.

RSVP only event types use "RSVP" in event creation

  • Updated ticket creation step copy to be "RSVPs" 
  • Click "Add New RSVP" to add a new ticket type
  • Set maximum venue capacity to cap total tickets/RSVPs allocated (optional field)

Paid event types use "Tickets" in event creation

  • Updated ticket creation step copy to be "Tickets"
  • Click "Add New Ticket" to add a new ticket type

Generate Salesforce campaigns when creating events

Using the Salesforce integration, campaigns are generated in your Salesforce organization for every event published on Bevy. Salesforce campaigns will be created with a custom type as `Bevy Event: <bevy-event-type-title>`. 
The campaign's start date will be set with the Bevy event's published date, by default. This can be changed by request to use the event's actual start date instead.
Visit admin dashboard settings to enable this setting.

API endpoints adjusted/added:

  • List events endpoint
  • List the chapter team in the event details endpoint
  • List authentication providers used by the user in the user details endpoint
  • List the chapter teams a given user is part of
  • Add chapter members

Reach out to help@bevylabs.com for detailed API documentation.

Support for sending webhook payloads in batches


[{'data': {...}, 'type': 'attendee'}, {'data': {...}, 'type': 'attendee'}, ..., {'data': {...}, 'type': 'attendee'}]


[{'data': [...], 'type': 'attendee'}]

Single payloads, the current default, will be phased out soon. Our team will be reaching out, if applicable, to ensure a smooth transition.

Reach out to help@bevylabs.com for detailed webhook documentation.


Adjusted line heights when using H2 & H3 headings when drafting newsletters

Adding events to your calendar

Event titles that included a `#` prevented users from adding to Google calendar. All fixed :).

Added a Photos tab as a quick link

When photos are uploaded to a chapter page, a dynamic "Photos" quick link appears in the section below the banner image.

Adjusted text alignment in the chapter rankings table

The city, state, and country text in the admin analytics chapter rankings table needed to be re-aligned. All better now!

Introduced support for Microsoft Edge browsers in email newsletters

Previously, users sending newsletters from the dashboard using Microsoft Edge browser experienced inconsistent text formatting. Those days are over. Microsoft Edge is now supported when creating newsletters.

Removed field for ticket quantity when creating an event using external ticketing

No need to set a ticket quantity when you're linking to another site. Removed to simplify event creation.

Adjusted social login padding & button/field alignment on desktop & mobile

The padding between the login fields and social login icons was decreased. Email, Password, and Login button fields were aligned for a more consistent experience on desktop & mobile.

Desktop: Mobile:

Resized local leader image thumbnails on event pages

We resized user profile photos so they show up consistently when listed as leaders on event pages.

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