May 2019

Payout local leaders via Bevy

Bevy Pay officially supports ticket revenue splits between HQ and the local chapter leaders & the funneling of money to a payment lead. Now, once you've set up Bevy Pay and proper payment lead designation in each chapter, you can split ticket revenue between HQ and the local chapter lead. If you'd like to enable this, please reach out to to get started.

Chapter about text limit increased to 10,000 characters

Previously, the chapter page about section was limited to 1,000 characters. We've increased this to 10,000. Type away!

Hidden chapter pages now show hidden events

A hidden chapter automatically has events created within it hidden thus events created within hidden chapters wouldn't appear event for users with the proper URL. We've now updated this to allow events to be selectively shown/hidden on hidden chapter pages.

External ticketing on per event basis

External ticketing was previously only available on a per chapter basis. You could designate whether a chapter uses external ticketing in individual chapter settings but it will apply to all events that are created within that chapter. Now, chapters can post events from Bevy but also can link out to events elsewhere. You enable this on an event type basis.

You may have use cases where the same chapter may have some events that are created on Bevy and some events that are created outside of Bevy or requiring a link out to another site. 

Such as:
1. Partnerships with other organizations that use their own website or another tool to host their event page.

2. Cases where there may be a virtual event or live stream link that needs to be included.

Ensure Contact button shows on both chapter & event pages

There's a handy contact button on event and chapter pages below the visible organizers. This button allows users to contact local leaders of individual groups via email.

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