April 2019

New Features

Mobile optimized dashboard

Team Member analytics

View the number of team members added to each chapter.

Remove chapter members from the dashboard

Manage your chapter members from your member list within the dashboard.

Remove your chapter membership

Individual users can edit their chapter memberships from the chapter pages.

Memberships vs. subscriptions distinguished within the member profile

View chapter memberships and subscriptions for individual users.

Toggle ticket refunds from the attendee list 

Support Vimeo on chapter page videos

Specify a custom token when receiving payloads from the webhooks

Update chapter slug when chapter title changes

Changing a chapter title will now automatically update the chapter URL.


Fix analytics tools overflowing on mobile

Remove reschedule button on dropped emails

Uploading photos to pages

There were some tiny errors when trying to upload photos to certain pages. All cleared :).

Fix intermittent issues with blog editing

Erroneous false errors in automated emails removed

Show multi-day agenda on the new mobile-optimized dashboard

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