March 2019

New Features

Newsletter & Automated Email Analytics

View newsletter & automated email deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, unique clicks/opens, & total counts at a glance.

Transitioned Meetup Integration to OAuth

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Pass event type ID via custom survey link

Add date to order notification system email


Removed Google + support & reduced social icon size on events pages

Update map search default to display chapter logos

Mobile Adjustments

  • Reduced size of social icons on event pages
  • Reduced size of featured attendees
  • Improved scalability of header logos
  • Centering adjustments to the join bar on chapter & homepages
  • Display explore by region icons on the homepage
  • Show multiple upcoming event cards on the homepage
  • Eliminate text/search icon overlap for long chapter names

Improved chapter saving to avoid duplicate creation

Ensure agenda displays on completed event pages

Fixed multi-select dropdown x’s in preorder form

Fix add to calendar button when apostrophes are included in event titles

Added context to event type & sponsor chapter search

Copy start/end times when copying an event

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