February 2019

New Features

Newsletter statistics now available in the admin dashboard

Upload photos to chapter pages

Photos uploaded will sit below past events on chapter pages. 12 photos will display at a time. If you upload more than 12 photos, they will be paginated with a "load more" button.

Mark users to be deleted via API

Use `DELETE /api/user/<user_id> If you don't know the user ID, you can get it with `GET /api/user/<email>`

When you use `DELETE`, the response should be a 204 HTTP code and that indicates that the user was marked to be deleted. There is a 7 day grace period but after this, the user will be completely deleted. 

Attendee data available via webhook

Pass user ID via custom survey link


Event page agenda updates

1. Hidden on event page if there isn't one entered in when creating an event

2. If the activity description isn't filled out, the agenda will display on a single line

Upcoming events page sorted by date by default

Updated search to recognize state names as well as state abbreviations 

i.e. New Jersey or NJ

Share events to Twitter via mobile

Dashboard optimizations for mobile & tablet devices

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