Understanding system emails

This article will outline the various types of emails Bevy sends, and how to customize them.

Understanding System Emails

Bevy can send emails in response to various predetermined actions including:

  1. BlogPost Approved - When a blog post is approved by an admin user
  2. BlogPost Rejected - When a blog post is rejected by an admin user
  3. BlogPost Submitted - When a blog post is submitted by an admin user
  4. Chapter Contact Message - When a chapter is contacted via the contact form
  5. Event Published - When an event is created 
  6. Event Wrap Up - After the end date and time of an event has passed
  7. Order Notification - When someone reserves a ticket to an event
  8. Order Refund Confirmation - When someone receives a refund for a ticket
  9. Signup Welcome - When a new member joins your Bevy community
  10. Sponsor Invoice Paid - When a sponsor completes payment for their sponsorship
  11. Sponsor Invoice Published - When an invoice is created for a sponsorship
  12. Ticket Confirmation - Email sent to the purchaser when a ticket is purchased

Customizing System Emails

Each system email can be customized to your liking. To edit them:

  1. Click on the system email you'd like to edit
  2. Customize the Email Subject using the placeholder blocks such as "Chapter Title",  "Event Title", etc
  3. Edit the rich text block to customize your email, or drag and drop the blocks ("Rich Text", "Event Details", etc.) into the email body to add them
  4. Make sure to click the "Save" button to

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