November 2018

IP-Enabled Search

When a user visits your site, their IP will be used in order to present upcoming events that may be relevant to them. The next time they visit the site, this information will be saved. It uses IP to trace hubs and locate and uses the nearest IP that has location information. This adds more relevant & specific event content for each user.

A “Join” checkbox for users when RSVPing

Users now have the ability to join a group/chapter as a member when RSVPing or purchasing a ticket to an event.

Recurring & copy events

Organizers and group leaders can create non-paid events on a weekly, twice monthly, or monthly repeating cadence. With copy events, organizers and group leaders can quickly duplicate a live event.

Pre-order form

Group leaders can add questions to the form delivered to an attendee after they have RSVP’d to an event. Include questions like dietary restrictions, accessibility requirements, or general information about their connection to the company and community.

Add to calendar functionality for emails & event pages

Users can easily add their iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook, & Outlook Live calendars. We also added support for ICS files attached within the ticket confirmation automated email.

Bevy Pay

Bevy has developed its own payment engine to support paid tickets. We’ve rolled out support for 130+ currencies, which means customers can be charged in their native currency.

Improved infrastructure & performance

We have recently upgraded our infrastructure so that we can more efficiently support our client’s communities. Included in this is improved error reporting & health checks to flag areas for improvement, decreased load times within the dashboard for group leaders & HQ, and support to handle heavy traffic loads.

FB pixel support

Organizers/group leaders now have the ability to track Facebook campaigns for their Bevy events. FB pixel support means organizers/group leaders will know how many people land on the event page, whether they start the purchase process or not, and how many of these people actually complete the purchase process.

Added context for automated emails

Organizers can now see automated email titles within their chapter dashboard email list for more visibility into the emails being sent on the chapter's behalf.

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