July 2017

Chapter Member Detail

This feature allows organizers to view more detail about their community members. At first glance, an organizer can see how long someone has been a member, as well as how many events someone has registered for.  

To drill down into more granular detail about a community member, click on their name in the list view. This will allow organizers to view detail that the community member has provided in their profile. Additionally, this includes other cities they are a member of and which specific events they have attended. 


Subgroups can now be added to chapter city pages. Create the main chapter> Settings> check "This Chapter contains other chapters" box. For subgroups to nest under main chapters, the state and city fields must match.  
*Please reach out to help@bevylabs.com if you believe this is a feature you will utilize. 

This is an example of the subgroups feature:  
The city page, Boston, has French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish subgroups.

Twitter Pixel

A Twitter Pixel can now be added to track the conversions of Twitter Ad campaigns. 

To find the Twitter Pixel for the Twitter Pixel ID field in Bevy, you will need to set up conversion tracking in your Twitter Ads account first:   https://business.twitter.com/en/advertising/campaign-types/increase-website-traffic/how-to-setup-conversion-tracking.html

The portion of the code needed for the Twitter Pixel ID field is outlined in red:


The waitlist feature is now available! To enable Waitlisting for an event, go to the "Tickets or RSVP" tab> select the settings cog of the ticket type> check the "Enable Waitlist when this ticket is sold out" box.

Edit Waitlist

Once the waitlist has been enabled for a ticket type, leaders can edit the time frame community members have to respond to released waitlist tickets. To adjust this setting, go to the event> click the "Waitlist tab"> click the "Edit Waitlist" button> add details> save. 

Releasing Waitlist Tickets

Chapter leaders are able to release tickets from the waitlist by checking the box next to the ticket they will release. 

A prompt is displayed first to confirm ticket release.

Once the "OK" has been clicked, a notification is displayed with the contact stating a ticket has been released to them. 

Manual Waitlist Add 

Click "Add People"> Enter the first name, last name, email address, and select the ticket type to add someone to the waitlist manually. 

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