October 2017

Email Update: Specify the audience an email is sent to

This month, Bevy began a roll out of a new email service. This new service allows email audience segmentation and offers an email alternative to the existing MailChimp integration. If this is not yet enabled for your company, please contact help@bevylabs.com for specific roll out timelines. 

  • Chapter Members: Sends to all subscribers
  • People with event ticket: Sends only to those who have registered for a ticket
  • Chapter members without event ticket: Sends only to subscribers without a ticket
  • Attendees who checked in: Sends only to subscribers who were checked in
  • Attendees who did not check in: Sends only to subscribers who did not check in
  • People with event RSVP: Same audience as "People with event ticket"
  • Chapter members without event RSVP: Same audience as "Chapter members without event ticket"

Import members list  

This is a permission enabled feature that allows members to be uploaded via CSV file. 

Global search

Global search can be enabled through admin dashboard settings. These settings allow your members to search blog posts, chapters, events, and other members.

Global Search Setting options

Dashboard bar 

The dashboard bar enables a logged in city leader to easily access dashboard settings such as:

  • Event Dashboard: event creation, newsletter sending, sponsors, analytics, chapter page editing
  • Event page management: event attendee check-ins, view attendees, discounts, edit the event
  • Page editing: takes you to the page editor for the specific page (super admin accessibility only)

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