May 2018

Cookie consent banner

We’ll provide visitors with a cookie usage acknowledgement. The banner will be displayed until the acknowledgement is clicked. 

Admins are able to edit the cookie acknowledgement copy, the URL, and the button via the admin dashboard. 

  1. Go to the Admin Dashboard 
  2. Select Settings from the sidebar 
  3. Find the Privacy section in Settings. Adjust copy in the fields and save.

Accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy link in sign up form and the ticket purchase flow 

Users will have to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in order to become a member. After filling the ticket order form, we’ll send a welcome email with a link to confirm the email address (we are currently sending it). After clicking that link, he will be redirected to a new page where he’ll see the option to subscribe/unsubscribe to the global newsletter and local newsletters as well (double opt-in).



The upcoming event slider will no longer automatically detect the user’s location. This is because the geolocation feature utilizes a user's IP address which is considered personally identifiable information (PII) under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The upcoming event widget will default to a specific location by default which the user can change by searching for their current location. If you do not set a location you want to set as the default, it will default to San Francisco, California.


To update the default location of the location search:

1. Go to the Admin Dashboard 
2. Select Settings from the sidebar 
3. Find the Defaults header and enter the latitude and longitude coordinates to the city you want to use as the default city until the user searches for their own

Event attendees will not automatically be added as members

When a user buys a ticket/RSVP, they won’t be added automatically as a member of that chapter. This is also the same for manually added attendees. Manually added attendees will no longer be automatically added to a chapter. 

Editing account information

Admin/organizer will only be able to edit a new member’s information if the user has not yet logged in. Once logged in, the user must edit this information from their profile page.   How to edit your profile.

Opt-in for global list emails

Added a checkbox to join the global mailing list in the sign-up form and email capture bar. 

Add password reset to member management

Removes the password set functionality from admin member management. A password reset button will be added to the member form that will trigger a password reset email to the user.

Update chapter member import for explicit consent

Admins will still be able to import chapter members. Upon import, that admin will now be required to select a reason those members have indicated the proper consent.

* If you have a user in the EU who has requested to have their account to be removed and to be forgotten, please email immediately. We will help remove these users. 

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