June 2018

For the last few months, the Bevy team has conducted a series of customer interviews to see and hear first hand the features we could update to make using Bevy a better experience. All of the features in this release are directly related to our findings during these user interviews. 

Increase email character limit

Increased character limit on emails to 10.000. 🎉

Change event save redirect behavior

When the user is creates an event and hits save, the user should remain in the same edition screen, not navigating out of it. The pop up modal now says “SAVE This event has been successfully saved. You can find it in Drafts tab.”

Scroll to top after requesting to become featured

Underlined text after hitting the "Request to Become Featured" button, the pages loads and takes the user to the agenda section instead of the top of the page. The user will now be directed to the top of the page. 

Update placeholder text on newsletter creation

Create Email > Add extra information to the title: From (your name or group name) and change the placeholder to say: Example: San Francisco.

Style fixes to the new speaker modal

Event creation > New Speaker modal: Error message color is difficult to see. The color has now been changed to red to improve visibility. 

Improve the tooltip on magic buttons

The term "magic button" was a bit confusing, so we changed what the tool tip says. We added proper tooltip text. Instead of “Magic” -> “Auto populate”.

Add envelope icon to chapter page to contact the organizer

Add chapter email field in chapter creation, so users can send an email directly to the chapter. An email icon will be shown in the chapter banner, same as we do in the event banner. 

Chapter Emails - Change the title to “New Email”

Change the title to “New Email”. Having Newsletter as title confuses people.

Eliminate the cursor jumps when typing in the event description

Creating an Event > Event Description field: the cursor does a little jump when you start writing on it. This update fixes this so the user can fluidly type the description.

Add tool tip for the event page icon

Chapter Events > add a tooltip in New Window Icon “See Event Page”.

Auto-populate the chapter email in the sender email field

Create email > auto-populate the chapter email in the sender email field. Add user NAME and EMAIL.

Disable price field, show close button but disable it

Make the price field disabled once the ticket has already at least one purchase. Also, for that case we should not remove the X button, but make it grey (disabled)

Modify the Agenda placeholder

Modify the placeholder texts in Agenda: Activity Title, Activity Description (optional)

Hide event ticket quantity, show one ticket to start

1. Hide the event ticket quantity at the top of the tickets view unless there's an existing value 
2. Default to showing one empty ticket in the ticket modal

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